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Carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas that poses a risk to you and your family when you are exposed to it. The gas is produced when fuel burns. When appliances and other gas-reliant items are not functioning properly, they emit carbon monoxide gas. It is important to get your family out of the home IMMEDIATELY. Carbon monoxide can be DEADLY!

Identify the smell of propane in your home

Propane has a distinct smell and will smell like rotten eggs, a dead animal, or skunk spray. Sometimes, it is difficult to smell propane, especially if you are less sensitive to the smell, if you are older, have a medical condition, or are experiencing the effects of drugs, medication, tobacco, or alcohol.


Sometimes propane does not have a smell due to a loss of odor. No matter what, you should ALWAYS respond immediately to any smell of gas.

What to do if you smell gas in your home

  • No flames or sparks

  • Leave the area immediately

  • Shut off the gas

  • Report the leak

  • Do not return to the building or area

  • Get your system checked

If you have a problem with your appliances,

it is best to have a certified appliance repairman look at the problem instead of trying to fix it on your own.

We're always available

to help you in an emergency situation.



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